Social Media Marketing


We’re the team of experts that will create and maintain a dynamic social media presence for your organization. Our designers, programmers, and writers know what works and what doesn’t work…and what doesn’t work is an unimaginative, half-hearted, stagnant social media campaign.

VD,s Social Media Marketing Team Gives You Validated ROI

VD’s Social Media Team has the tested experience, the relationships, and the community to develop a social media campaign that is focused on ROI. The bottom line is that we’re here to help you drive more traffic, increase sales, build a strong brand, and generate a community for your company by utilizing social media marketing.

Digital Word-of-Mouth Translates to Real-Life Word-of-Mouth

Every conversation that happens online can and will translate to real life settings. Through tools like niche blogs, Twitter, Facebook and others, leading companies are able to generate a conversation with their target market that when done right leads to an increase in traffic, brand buzz and meaningful sales.

VD Social Media Marketing is the All-in-One Solution

VD’s expert social media team will build a strategy and execute on that strategy for your company. We offer the following services:

Optimized Blog development and design – Develop and design a WordPress blog to fit your company theme, culture — so it is optimized for maximum traffic and viral capacity.

Virally Enabled, Emotionally Charged Content Writing – Our expert content writers understand the Viral DNA structure needed to infuse an article with the best chance of spreading like wild fire online

Powerful Relationships and the ability to build on them – Our relationships with the hundreds of thousands of bloggers, Twitter users, and people in the social media community, which will allow you to ignite conversations on behalf of your company

Robust Brand Monitoring – Monitor all mentions of your company on blogs, twitter, and other social networks and reports back on the qualitative and quantitative details of each and allows for rapid real-time responses to protect your brand and leverage opportunities to drive more sales

Explosive and Sustainable Traffic Generation – Drive significant and sustainable traffic to your website through Stumble, Digg, Twitter, and other social bookmarking sites.

Charismatic Fellowship Building – Expand your Twitter influence by tens of thousands and build a targeted following that is relevant to your industry.