E-Commerce Solutions

Vibrant Dynamics Offers a wide range of E-Commerce solutions for organizations that have moved all, or a segment of their financial transactions online. Our comprehensive E-Commerce solutions enable transactions such as ordering, fulfillment, invoicing, and payments to be executed securely online.

Our typical e-commerce solution includes:


Storyboard the process that meets your business requirements. This could be the standard shopping cart paradigm, or something entirely different. We also document and design fulfillment and backend automation — from instant and secure credit-card processing to EDI and EFT.


Depending on the nature of the products and services that are to be sold, we tailor the catalog. This is a critical step and will tie the business process into the ultimate solution. The actual catalog data can originate from a variety of sources. For example, we can build specialized workflow for manual data entry, aggregate from external sources and/or automatic imports from in-house ERP systems.


After the process is reviewed and defined, we start on usability. This process uses metrics and our experience to develop a streamlined and efficient workflow — for customers and administrators.


Our artists will start work on a brand, look and feel. This includes graphical elements and typography. The result is a standards-compliant XHTML/CSS template-driven design. Because we take great effort on clean design, where content is separate from presentation, re-branding and even drastic changes require little-to-no change to content and templates.


Design will be integrated into the store catalog. Talking to third parties is also implemented. This can include: e-commerce gateway for processing orders, billing systems, CRM systems, and legacy systems. We have the tools and experience to make your solution open.


We can host on our dedicated servers located in our ISP’s global data center and network, at an ISP of your choice 1, or on your own hardware. We will be sure to establish and setup maintenance initiatives and can even automate much of the lifecycle management processes, like data backup and security.