Why Our BPO Services

We have four state of the art Global Delivery Centers in Pakistan and Dubai enabling us to reach our clients wherever they are.
These Centers are equipped with access control mechanisms for each floor, 24 hour cafeteria, reading rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, adequate power backup generators, and round the clock security.

Tier Physical Security System
All of our facilities have a 4-tier physical security system with Security guards on 24-hour duty at all facilities, world-class Finger Scan systems to safeguard the premises from unauthorized entry, Access Control Cards that permit entry into the building and log employee movement in and out of the building, and Machine Level Security through by password protection and control systems.

Proven Track Record with 40 Million Contacts handled each year
We have a proven track record of handling over 40 Million contacts each year.

Extensive Training Programs
A critical success factor in our operations is the quality of CSRs, Line Managers and Middle Managers. We have a firm belief that sound training of manpower is the critical component in delivering and sustaining industry standard quality of services. Our service centers have integral in-house training facilities as we have developed computer-based training modules to ensure standardized training of manpower in line with the industry standards. Continuous training of trainers and trainees is the hallmark of our services.

Representatives Training Entry level CSRs are trained in computer skills, English language usage, writing skills, customer service training, accent enhancement, corporate culture and familiarization with the US cultural and social aspects for the purpose of communicating with customers effectively.

Management Training Management personnel at all levels undergo regular training programs with emphasis laid on man-management training, accent training, US business culture training, presentation skills, effective meetings skills, time management skills, budget management training, project planning and implementation training, communication with superiors, co-workers and subordinates, advanced computer training, and effective reporting training.

Training/English Language Skills A critical success factor for customer’s satisfaction with offshore contact centers is to have a representative that understands the customer’s queries and in turn, is well understood by the customer. We have developed a specialized comprehension and accent development program that addresses specific differences between American English and Pakistani English. It enables the representatives to be adequately comprehensible to the global ear. The focus is not on changing the accent but rather in neutralizing it.

Specific Training Before allocating representatives, supervisors, product specialists, and project managers on a particular client’s work, the complete team undergoes specialized client-specific training to meet the specific requirements of the client’s work. This includes training on the client’s specific computer programs, policies and procedures of the program being addressed, client’s corporate culture and codes of conduct, proper etiquette, FAQs, etc.

Solid Quality Assurance Process
We implement standardized quality assurance programs for all of our clients. Quality Assurance personnel work as a separate entity reporting directly to the Vice President Operations. They work in conjunction with the training department to ensure the transference of information on a daily basis by running a feedback session at the end of shift timings for the training of all employees. This methodology ensures that a mistake or error committed by one representative is not repeated again by any of the team members. The training team incorporates the same information in the training modules of the trainee CSRs as well. The key components of this program are the Auditing of CSRs, Quality Assurance Representatives versus CSR ratio and Product Specialty Representative versus CSR ratio, focus on Client Service Level Agreement (SLA), and effective Internal Key Performance Indicators.

Highly Skilled and Motivated Professionals
Our biggest asset is its pool of highly educated, experienced, professionally competent and dedicated manpower. Every single employee is a stockholder of the company and has a complete sense of ownership. We take pride in maintaining the highest loyalty and integrity amongst our employees, which directly reflects in a minimized attrition rate and higher performance. Our hiring, training and work processes are based on modern techniques and methodology. This allows for continuous harnessing of our most valuable asset, our manpower.

Superior Domain Expertise
We have developed credible and proven expertise in Customer Lifecycle Management, Customer Relation Management, Transaction Processing, Collections, Technical Support, Telecom, Retail, and Telemarketing.

We are providing contact center and BPO services to renowned customers in the domains of healthcare, legal services, banking, insurance, financial services, travel, technology, telecom and retail. This is in line with our strong commitment to create an end-to-end portfolio of service offerings to leverage existing customer relationships and attain critical mass.

Tested Methodology
Our systems are created and repeatedly tested in conjunction with our client’s key deliverables. Being an ISO 9001 – 2000 certified company, we rigorously follow documented process manuals and are audited periodically internally as well as by our clients on our sustenance of the mentioned processes.

We provide value added workflow solutions to our clients utilizing globally resourced skill sets to ensure continuous improvement in its service offerings. Our operational structure has enabled us to consistently deliver the lowest-cost, highest-quality business process outsourcing services around the world.

At the core of our unique service proposition is a commitment to deliver a customized solution that addresses the business needs of our clients.

24/7 Operations
All our facilities work around the clock, 24 hours a day, and 7 days weeks. Daily we have three, 7 hour shifts, with a back up team always on the call.

Premier Client List
Our client portfolio is as diverse as the products and services that we offer and includes the top multinational national organization in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.